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Smiles of Hope, a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization, was founded by Dr. Lisa Alvetro to build, support and manage Angel House Orphanage and Secondary School as well as assist the surrounding community of Tarime, Tanzania. Over the past several years, countless numbers of orphaned and abandoned children have lived on site. Smiles of Hope is committed to helping the children become independent and successful adults. The children are overseen by a house mother, Anna, and has provided housing for her and her children, so that she may live on site with the children at the orphanage.

Over the past several months, the organization has purchased land to allow the orphanage and its staff to become sustainable. 

Smiles of Hope has also begun an initiative called Fostering Farm Families. Under this initiative families of the Gamasara village have been provided with seed and manure, and the materials needed to plow their land. The initiative was created after the Smiles of Hope staff Tanzania and USA realized the difference our crop yield versus that of the local farmers was having in the region.

In previous years, under the direction of Dr. Alvetro, Smiles of Hope has led a dental team to provide dental care for the people of Tarime and surrounding villages. The first dental trip took place in 2006. For most villagers, this was their first time seeing a dentist. 

Through her travels and lecturing, Dr. Alvetro has touched the hearts of many generous individuals with her stories of the children at Angel House. Many of her contacts have responded by contributing to the sponsorship of children, clean water, and sustainability projects on Smiles of Hope land.

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