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Smiles Of Hope


Smiles of Hope is a 501(c)3 charitable organization that was founded by Dr. Lisa Alvetro over 10 years ago. The organization supports the people of the villages of Tarime and Nkende, Tanzania in East Africa. Initial projects included funding the construction of the Angel House Orphanage and establishing the Smiles of Hope Farm. The farm provides the opportunity for the children of the Angel House Orphanage access to fresh fruit, eggs, and vegetables. More recent projects for Smiles of Hope include partnering with the Tanzanian organization Living for Others. Living For Others is a charitable organization founded by local residents of Nkende, Tanzania who recognized the suffering of their fellow villagers. Their mission is to improve the quality of life of all residents with a major focus on access to clean water, nutritious food, adequate housing, and education. Smiles of Hope has partnered with Living For Others by investing in local residents so that they could start their own businesses. We are particularly proud of a group of young men who have started their own brick making company and becoming self-sufficient providing for their families. To support education, Smiles of Hope has provided school supplies, books, and bathroom facilities for the Nkende local school. Our current project focuses on access to clean water with the drilling of wells and the acquisition of land.

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